DefineGrid produces a grid of desired specifications either manually, or automatically based on previously identified objects.

This module defines the location of a grid that can be used by modules downstream. You can use it in combination with IdentifyObjectsInGrid to measure the size, shape, intensity and texture of each object or location in a grid. The grid is defined by the location of marker spots (control spots), which are either indicated manually or found automatically using previous modules in the pipeline. You can then use the grid to make measurements (using IdentifyObjectsInGrid). If you are using images of plastic plates, it may be useful to precede this module with an IdentifyPrimaryObjects module to find the plastic plate, followed by a Crop module to remove the plastic edges of the plate, so that the grid can be defined within the smooth portion of the plate only. If the plates are not centered in exactly the same position from one image to the next, this allows the plates to be identified automatically and then cropped so that the interior of the plates, upon which the grids will be defined, are always in precise alignment with each other.

Supports 2D? Supports 3D? Respects masks?

See also

See also IdentifyObjectsInGrid.

Measurements made by this module

  • Rows, Columns: The number of rows and columns in the grid.
  • XSpacing, YSpacing: The spacing in X and Y of the grid elements.
  • XLocationOfLowestXSpot: The X coordinate location of the lowest spot on the X-axis.
  • YLocationOfLowestYSpot: The Y coordinate location of the lowest spot on the Y-axis.

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