Using The Display Window Menu BarΒΆ

From the menu bar of each module display window, you have the following options:

  • File
    • Save: You can save the figure window to an image file. Note that this will save the entire contents of the window, not just the individual subplot(s) or images.
    • Save table: This option is only enabled on windows which are displaying tabular output, such as that from a Measure module. This allows you to save the tabular data to a comma-delimited file (CSV).
  • Tools
    • Measure length: Select this option to measure distances within an image window. If you click on an image and drag, a line will appear between the two endpoints, and the distance between them will be shown at the right-most portion of the bottom panel. This is useful for measuring distances in order to obtain estimates of typical object diameters for use in IdentifyPrimaryObjects.
  • Subplots: If the module display window has multiple subplots (such as IdentifyPrimaryObjects), the Image Tool options for the individual subplots are displayed here. See Help > Using Module Display Windows > How To Use The Image Tools for more details.