Using The Interactive Navigation Toolbar

All figure windows come with a navigation toolbar, which can be used to navigate through the data set.

  • Home, Forward, Back buttons: Home image0 always takes you to the initial, default view of your data. The Forward image1 and Back image2 buttons are akin to the web browser forward and back buttons in that they are used to navigate back and forth between previously defined views, one step at a time. They will not be enabled unless you have already navigated within an image else using the Pan and Zoom buttons, which are used to define new views.
  • Pan/Zoom button: This button has two modes: pan and zoom. Click the toolbar button image3 to activate panning and zooming, then put your mouse somewhere over an axes, where it will turn into a hand icon.
    • Pan: Press the left mouse button and hold it to pan the figure, dragging it to a new position. Press Ctrl+Shift with the pan tool to move in one axis only, which one you have moved farther on. Keep in mind that that this button will allow you pan outside the bounds of the image; if you get lost, you can always use the Home to back you back to the initial view.
    • Zoom: You can zoom in and out of a plot by pressing Ctrl (Mac) or holding down the right mouse button (Windows) while panning. Once you’re done, the right click menu will pop up when you’re done with the action; dismiss it by clicking off the plot. This is a known bug to be corrected in the next release.
  • Zoom-to-rectangle button: Click this toolbar button image4 to activate this mode. To zoom in, press the left mouse button and drag in the window to draw a box around the area you want to zoom in on. When you release the mouse button, the image is re-drawn to display the specified area. Remember that you can always use Backward button to go back to the previous zoom level, or use the Home button to reset the window to the initial view.
  • Save: Click this button image5 to launch a file save dialog. You can save the figure window to an image file. Note that this will save the entire contents of the window, not just the individual subplot(s) or images.